​Training Camp March 28, 2015 – Posted in: ds_world

My training group did a “Training Camp” at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista for a week. Going into it, my expectations were to be stressed out and work like I’ve never been worked before by my coach Bobby Kersee. Let’s just say he definitely surpassed my expectations. Just when you think you have Bobby figured out he pulls new tricks out of his bag. This has to be the deepest bag EVER. The first day we had three people throw up and four people cramp. After day two, our whole group was trying to figure out how we were going to survive the rest of the week. I had to put myself in the mindset of this is what you asked for, and if this is what it takes to be the best, then let’s do it. Bobby is a very smart coach because he pushed when we needed to be pushed and backed off when needed as well. I think no; I know our group came away mentally and physically better than we came. Goal accomplished!!! I’m even more excited for the beginning of season to get here. Through the week we had game night, team dinner and even a bowling night to wrap up the whole trip. Just so you know at the bowling alley Bobby put the hurdlers against the sprinters, and you know the hurdlers came out victorious!!!! It was really fun. To see your training partners compete in something outside of track is always fun. As you can guess we got super competitive, and it was some clutch strikes and spares on both sides. Although training camp almost took my life I would do it all again because like I always say, “enjoy the journey.” I’m walking back to my room wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day.