WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE WHOLEHEARTEDLY? November 23, 2014 – Posted in: ds_world – Tags: , , , , , , ,

When I saw this it kind of stopped me in my tracks! It’s something that I believe wholeheartedly, but I believe it in every aspect of my life. I believe this for track and field, but I am so much more than that. As people I believe that we have many goals and dreams, and I believe that if you put your best foot forward every day you are bound to get better. “The BEST is yet to come.” This is a thought that we all should have every day we wake up. Stay positive and know that you are better than yesterday, better than your last circumstance, I AM BETTER. As for God’s signature…it seals the deal for me. We all know that when you sign something you’ve checked it twice and you approve. That means on my life God has stamped his approval. I will walk daily in that confidence no matter what I face and so should you. What do you believe wholeheartedly?