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Welcome to my website about me! It was important to me to dedicate a section of it to allow me to talk to you straight from the heart, to tell you about my life experiences, and be able to give you more insight on what you see of me on T.V. and/or social media. I’d love to hear your questions and comments as well. Let’s become closer. How about we begin NOW!

Let’s start with a couple of things that I have realized to be true. They are:

  • You are blessed to have people that are pure jewels in your life. Time and laughter can never be replaced. Remember that moment of continuous laughter? Enjoy that jewel!
  • You are who you are at this moment in time. If you feel the need to make a change, don’t procrastinate any longer, make the move. Whether right a wrong, fulfill a dream, make a dream, LIVE your dream…JUST DO IT!
  • Sometimes you just gotta keep it real. Life is pretty darn good! Don’t you agree? Find and see the blessings.
  • In every step of this journey called life, I promise to strive to make each step better and better.

These are a couple of things I live by, what about you?